Weave Add-On

Weave Net creates a virtual network that connects containers across multiple hosts and enables their automatic discovery. With Weave Net, portable microservices-based applications consisting of multiple containers can run anywhere: on one host, multiple hosts or even across cloud providers and data centers.

Advanced Install Options

    version: "2.5.2"
    isEncryptionDisabled: true
    podCIDR: ""
    podCidrRange: "/16"
    noMasqLocal: true

Flag Usage
version The version of weave to be installed.
isEncryptionDisabled Encrypt network communication between nodes in the cluster.
podCIDR The subnet where pods will be found.
podCidrRange The size of the CIDR where pods can be found.
noMasqLocal Default true. Set to false to disable preserving the client source IP address when accessing Service annotated with service.spec.externalTrafficPolicy=Local.